Ghanaians are happy that the spirit of nationalism has now come to stay in the camp of the Ghana?s Senior Nation Team – The Black Stars. The players have been well groomed to observe codes of ethics of the game. Again, they have been disciplined to remain focused to play to?? winning all matches of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) being hosted in South Africa from January 19to February 9, 2013.

Ghana-Black-StarsThis is not the time to be swollen headed because Ghana has a bright chance to win the tourney for the fifth time. Ghanaians pray and hope that The Stars would make it in 2013 CAN. The Stars should not relax, but make sure to win in all the matches. It is time for The Stars to work extra hard and build a very good win-some team for the nation to re-capture the cup once again.

The playing body of The Stars must be committed to the team and should not give room for complacency. The current crop of players of the team has demonstrated their commitment to take the next CAN cup and, therefore, deserve the support and prayers from all. Ghanaians are solidly behind the Black Stars and must support in financing the team as well.

The playing body needs to be maintained for consistency purpose as it is not over until it is over. Ghanaians are very proud of you The ?Stars?. The Black Stars must take every match of the competition very serious in order to win all impending 2013 CAN matches. The current players?? should feel hungry for success. The Black Stars must be aware of the enormous opportunities that await them in South Africa and win the trophy.

They could realize their cherished dream of making it to South Africa only if they exhibit total commitment. Ghana is in top form to make an appearance once again at CAN cup competition. Team work is the most important thing, if the Stars are to reach the finals of the competition. Furthermore, unity and respect is the key to success in the development of a winning team. There are no easy games these days and they must take up match by match with all seriousness and try to keep up the spirit. The team needs the support of all and sundry, so let us join hands and cheer the black Stars to victory ultimate. Ghanaians want the Black Stars to deliver the best for them to be seen once again in next CAN tournament and make history in African continental soccer. Ghanaians have the confidence that the Black Stars will win the CAN Cup this year at all cost. The short periods of camping the Black Stars do not help in crucial matches at stake.

It is the need for soccer authorities of the Ghana football Association (GFA) to, as a matter of necessity, camp players, when foreign clubs go on recess. Ghana still has vast array of intelligent players, and is optimistic, that the nation would build a fearsome and unified team, if the players would have enough time for camping. In the old golden days, the Black Stars had enough time for camping, as compared to the present. The Black Stars have a very competent coach with AkwasiAppiah and may be the late arrival of the players would not adversely affect them, if they listen to the coach?s pieces of advice in utilizing scoring chances and exploiting experiences they have had of the fact as foreign-based soccer Stars. Our players need to work extra hard to snatch and defend victories.

Collective play should be the hallmark of a good team. Ghanaian foreign-based players often play exceptionally well for overseas clubs but do not seem to exert the kind of energy and commitment when playing for their national team. This is very worrying phenomenon and it is high time our football authorities took the bull by the horn to ensure that foreign-based players put in their maximum efforts during national assignments. We still remember the brilliance of the Black Stars of old. Today, when we see the present crop of players falling all over to play well to qualify or win major tournaments is worrying. In those days big names of the Black Stars sent Ghana?s opponents into a state of submission. The AggreyFynns, Baba Yaras, Ibrahim Sundays, Robert Mensahs, OseiKofis, Mohammed? Polos, AbediPeles and others, contributed to lift high the flag of Ghana. They were humble, sober and not money conscious.

For them, playing for the nation was an honour enough and the government also reciprocated the gesture by giving them the best treatment and incentives, so the Black Stars shone in international tournaments or competitions. Four times, Ghana had won the African Cup of Nations (CAN). Ghana being one of the best teams in Africa, the government must take the development of the Stars more seriously. Let all Ghanaians pray for the Stars to win the 2013 CAN competition and bring the cup home. The Stars stormed the international football scene and won the CAN during the very first time that they competed in 1963. They were fittingly christened the Black Stars that adorn the Ghanaian national flag.

The Black Stars had won the CAN for the second time in 1965, the third time in 1978 and a fourth time in 1982 becoming the first ever four-time victors of the tournament. At this time of the day, the coach, AkwasiAppiah must try and build up a very solid and strong football team which has the potential of lifting the CAN cup for the fifth unprecedented time.? For the past years, the Black Stars have not won any international trophy, be it in Africa or elsewhere. Ghanaians want to see their beloved captain, AsamoahDjan, holding aloft, the 2013 CAN cup for Ghana, come this year. In conclusion, Black Stars must aim high and excel in all her performances.

By Lovelace Opoku-Agyemang


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