teenage pregnancy

Pastor Patrick Kwasi Mensah Brew, President of Black Pruners a youth advocacy group has announced the group’s intention to work hard to curb the alarming rate of teenage pregnancy in the country.

He said most youth were sexually active from their adolescent stage but lacked the needed education, which would help them understand their body changes better.


He said the group was burnt on educating the youth on matters of relationship and better sexual orientations to inform their decisions and stay away from premarital sexual relationships, which resulted in teenage pregnancy.

He said this at the launch of the group in Okpoi-gonno, which was on the theme: “Relationship and Sex.”

Mrs Elizabeth Njona, Deaconess of the Church of Pentecost in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said parental negligence was one of the main causes of teenage pregnancy and that parents should take the responsibility to be the first to teach their children about their sexuality.

She said now, most of the youth have been influenced by social media and the internet, which introduced them to foreign relationship and sexual culture, which were ungodly and alien to the Ghanaian culture.

She said parents played a significant role in the total well-being of the child and that no child should be deprived of that right.

Mr Christopher Ocloo, a Senior member of the group said children when raised in the fear of God and with good moral values stood the chance of not falling victim to teenage pregnancy.

He noted that the situations could be managed if deprived youths were given some forms of training to equip them with basic employable skills.

He said most of these persons got pregnant because they were not financially sound and little hardship could lead them into premature sexual relationships.

He advised the youth to stay away from social vices such as armed robbery, occult practices, drug abuse and other activities, which did not add value to their lives.


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