Winners of the Vodafone  icons mixed edition this year ? Black N Peach will unfortunately be disgraced by their sponsors come this Saturday during the 020 Live concert which hosts Atlanta super star Ludacris.It is surprising that after 5 solid months of winning the music reality show, Black N Peach has not received any form of promotions of any sort for any song but they have been billed to perform on this show which is one of the country?s biggest events in the year.


The question is, what is the music group going to be doing with this huge platform since they have no song to perform?Event attendees will be coming to the DOME on the 29th September to have fun, excitement and relax their minds probably to get their emotions ready for the next month since the event date falls at the end of the month. Event attendees are not coming to learn how to sing a song or watch some icon winners perform, sincerely speaking people hardly would care if they just won a competition or not, when their performance is abysmal.What people want to see is a performance that will entertain them, giving them  worth to their monies spent on ticket, We can?t pay that huge amount to come watch a reality show performance.News gathered from the camp of Black N Peach is that they are working according to structured plan hence that is why there is a delay for their song release. So we are asking, 5 months is not enough to plan or outdoor a single. If they cant release an official song, at least the group song they recorded with Appietus and performed it on the final day should have been remixed if it was not up to standard and promoted long ago so that when fans turn up for this event they can jam with that song and like them more.What we are seeing is, Vodafone did not see to it that these young guys put a song out there to aid their performance during this 020 live concert knowing very well it is a make or break for their career despite what ever they event have won.Come Saturday if Black N Peach is not accepted, fans should not blame the artiste but their sponsors and new management since they want to use a year to plan for their entry into main stream music.Black N Peach is a talented music group but you see in a society of ours where if fans don?t know the songs you performing, they will look at the artiste as if the arts been displayed is trash but maybe it is not is killing our events because they will not even cheer you on.It hurts me to know that, Black N Peach will be going through the same routine RnM went through and never became successful like how they should have been as compared to how they are been rated now.020Live concert is happening this weekend inside the conference center ? DOME on Saturday, please come with the intentions that you will spare Black N Peach by giving them sympathy cheers for their songs since managers  are still planning their career as if we paid all the huge amount to come watch a reality show performance probably as an opening act, something that can switch people off from enjoying the show.

Source : 18newspaper


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