wpid-Bad-Marriage0.jpgYour room mate is someone who you offer a space in your apartment or someone who offers you a space. A roommate shares room or space with you.
To be happy and successful, adequate screening is done before choosing a roommate so that one does not choose a trouble maker, destroyer or evil companion. Unfortunately, many people have the devil as their roommates. They always create opportunity for the devil to operate and affect their lives.
?Give no place to the devil? (Ephesians?4:27).
When a lady visits a guy that is not legally married to her at odd hours, she is giving the devil a space to operate. The same applies to a guy that makes such visit.
When a lady dresses indecently such that she looks naked, though she has dresses on her, she has accepted the devil as a roommate.
When you share jokes related to sex with a stranger of the opposite sex, you are giving place to the devil. When a male pastor or christian holds prayers and counselling session for single ladies inside a room or office that is always closed, all alone, the devil is a roommate.
When a lady always leaves her room open while undressing or changing her dress, in a house that has guys around, she is inviting the devil.
?Give no place to the devil?
When you post nude photos of yourself on the internet, the devil is your room mate. When you allow your classmates, friends or peers to use your apartment for fornication or adultery, the devil is your room mate.
When you watch pornographic films and read pornographic magazines, you have a bad roommate. The same is your case when you browse pictures of nude people.
When you encourage your teenage daughter to sleep with men and bring back monetary gains to you, you are devil?s roommate.
When you see your teenage daughter(s) or son(s) come home with strangers of the opposite sex and you look the other way, the devil is your room mate.
When as a single lady, a guy you are not related to by blood suddenly becomes too generous to you without talking about intimate relationship, watch it. The devil might just be knocking.
MEMORY VERSE:??Give no place to the devil? (Ephesians?4:27)
PRAYER POINT:?1. I break every relationship with the devil in the name of Jesus!
2. By the power in the name of Jesus, I send every property of the devil in my life back to the owner in Jesus name. Amen
…TO BE CONTINUED (Questions Are Welcome)


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