Real men drop the past. We all have pasts; damaged past, hateful past, things that were sent into our lives, even abandonment by our parents. There are certain things you remember and ask “Why did a boy have to go through all these?”  But you cannot live your future based on your past. You can’t tell your children not to eat because you didn’t eat. Some parents do that. They starve the children and say “When I was a child, we were not having enough food.” But God provided so that your children can have abundance. Then, the next generation can be better than the last generation.

Sufferings of the past must not stop the future. You cannot because you have lacked so much, refuse to bless your children. God will prosper you. Don’t let your children join the statistics of failed children.

Being a blessed man happens by you, honestly confronting what you really were to become who you really should be. It is working in the path of a changed mind that distinguishes you. 

Do not marry more than one wife because you are from a polygamous family and go through the round of disharmony and crisis that accompanies polygamy. You can break the jinx in your family. Many men have already done so.



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