How reasonable is your relationship with your partner? How reasonable is your service to God? Maybe you are the type that fornicates or commits adultery every?Friday?night or?Saturday, only to come to church?on Sunday?morning. They say: ?Lift up your holy hands to God?. As others obey, you join them to lift your filthy hands as holy hands. Your service is unholy and unreasonable unto God. You need to repent and confess your sins to God. Beg him for forgiveness before you lift any part of your polluted body in pretence.

wpid-making-marriage-last.jpgHow reasonable is your service to God when you beat up or cheat on your spouse or spouse-to-be and after that, play the best dancer to praises and church music?
Your service to God is unreasonable if you defraud people or steal money and use it to build a gigantic church building or give applaudable and newsworthy offering.
Your service to God is unreasonable if you starve your family of feeding money to buy church group dresses or uniforms just to show off. Your service to God is unreasonable if you leave your wife or husband and children out of your christian activities and do not care whether or not they are saved.
Your service is unreasonable when you spend so much money for entertainment of guests at your child dedication ceremony and go to church to give a thanks giving offering of N50 (less than $USD1) to the God that gave you the child.
Your service to God is unreasonable if you fail to play your mother-of-the-home responsibility because you are attending one night vigil, marathon church programme, etc. Watch it my dear. The Bible says you should watch and pray. He didn?t say you should only pray. Don?t break your home in the process of rendering an unreasonable service. You irritate God instead, especially when the marriage is God-approved.
If you currently have challenges in this area, you need counselling. God can fix it for you. He has done it for many with greater challenges before. So, yours is even a simple case for him to handle.
Always ensure that your sacrifice to God is reasonable.
MEMORY VERSE:??I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your BODIES, a LIVING SACRIFICE, holy, ACCEPTABLE UNTO GOD, which is your REASONABLE SERVICE??(Romans 12:1 KJV)
PRAYER POINT:?Oh Lord! Grant me the grace to serve you with all my heart and please you always in??Jesus name. Amen.


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