Bishop Daniel Obinim for sometime now has received lots of backlash from the public. He is not having the very best of relationship with the general public at all, and just 5 days ago, his channel OB TV was taken down by the NCA because he didn’t meet the prerequisites to operate.

General manager of Obinim TV (OB TV), Samuel Owusu-Asare has in an interview with Akwasi Aboagye on Peace Fm disclosed that what the NCA did by taken down OB TV from the screens is not in any way affecting Bishop Daniel Obinim, and that Obinim himself said he should tell the public that it’s only God who can take away his gift from him but not man.

When asked by the host whether the action by the NCA has affected the bishop himself, he said, “oo no, It did not even push him a bit. It’s not in anyway affecting the Bishop, it’s affecting only we, the employees. The bishop himself said I should tell everyone that man can never take the gift of God away from him Obinim but it’s only God who can take away his gift”.

He continued, “Obinim himself said I should tell the public that, ‘the day any man will take away the gift God gave him, he will place his hand on his head and cry’ to the maximum.”

On whether the Bishop will go to court over this issue, he said, “oo no, we won’t go and take any lawyer that we are going to court…we are just begging NCA to please hurry up and process our license so that we can be back on air.” He ended.



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