Prophet Kwabena Tawiah1.jpg15077
Prophet Kwabena Tawiah1.jpg15077

Prophet Kwabena Tawiah, the founding overseer of the Church of Rabbi, and a grotesque character that lived in the stone-age of dinosaurs and mammoths and homo sapiens, had this to say about the death of Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey: “Ghana will witness death of eight (8) more great leaders because 9 people have been named and so far one is gone and so we need to be very prayerful.”

Prophet Kwabena Tawiah1.jpg15077
Prophet Kwabena Tawiah1.jpg15077

Yes, some of our Christian clerics have unabashedly assumed a strange sense of spiritual psychiatry and a poisonous cocktail of Nazified psychology, and much like the Nazis and their sympathizers who meticulously kept records of slaughtered Roma gypsies, Jews and so on, these grotesque clerical caricatures have also learnt to keep records of a corps of dead-men-walking and their obituaries.

When are these grotesque clerical caricatures ever going to tell us when God says they are going to die? Why are they always predicting others’ deaths but not their own? And look at the funny name “the Church of Rabbi”! What is “Church of Rabbi”? What is “Rabbi” doing there in the name? Is this “Church of Rabbi” not anachronistically weird as Bishop J.Y.’s “New Jerusalem”?


Then we have the Victorian or 18th sapeur Bishop Obinim, a proponent of theological dandyism in the public eye, turning the God of Rev. Owusu Bempah and Bishop Adu and the henotheistic pantheon of gods Akin Tafo into a huge nest of snakes harassing and terrorizing citizens of the Ashanti Region.

As Kweku Bonsam succinctly put it:

“The snakes are gods of the land but are they coming to [people’s] homes because they are angry so they must not [be] killed” (our emphasis).

Why does the testosterone-charged rhetoric of Kweku Bonsam contain the non-conditional auxiliary verb “must” as opposed to the effeminate rhetoric of Rev. Owusu Bempah? Aside that, are gods mortal, like human beings are?

And how did Kweku Bonsam get to know that an alleged rape in the bush where the huge nest of snakes reportedly inhabited might constitute an exclusive causation of this strange ophidian migration?

And if so, Why are these snakes not appearing in parliament and the Flagstaff House (Golden Jubilee House) where the rape of the national coffers is carefully planned and executed?

Are the national coffers not as attractive and powerful as the hymnal integrity of womanhood?

These snakes cannot and should not only act as innocent phalli in the welcoming pudenda of womanhood and of the public purse.

They have to bite these political and religious thieves hard. Danyish Bishop Obinim can be called upon to enact this poisonous ophidian sting-bite but he is not trustworthy, for the last time he slept with or had carnal knowledge of one of his junior pastors’ wives he cursed the seed of that adulterous romance with madness and physical paralysis.

However, unless we want him to curse our unrepentant or recidivistic political and religious thieves with madness and physical paralysis beyond the threshold of redeemability, we had better engage his spiritual and therianthropic prowess.

Also rather than people like Kweku Bonsam concentrating on a quest for scientific epidemiology as to whether anthropogenic reasons might be a possible explanation for disturbing the ecological balance of these snakes and thereby forcing them out of their natural habitats, we resort to self-serving transcendental phenomenology and to the gripping fear of manufactured consent to avoid possible ecological responsibility.

Even so, Kweku Bonsam is rhetorically being sinister and may evidently be economical with the truth here. How so? First of all, we all know Kweku Bonsam did not want to be a harbinger of the apocalyptic message: “Obinim ‘Spiritual Father’ Speaks—‘His End is Near.’” He certainly knows killing the huge nest of snakes will constitute a death certificate for Bishop Obinim, his good friend.

We also harbor the opinion that Kweku Bonsam’s oracle “Kofi Kofi” could be the other one half in a close transcendental system of Siamese Twins, with Agyampremu Kofi, since both carry the same theophoric name, “Kofi.” Nonetheless the ophidian therianthrope also goes by the name Kwadwo Edem, according to Rev. Owusu Bempah.

The word “Edem” somehow sounds and looks deceptively like “Eden” where the proverbial snake tore into the hymnal apple, the same proverbial apple that fell on Isaac Newton’s gravitational head, of Eve, one of Bishop’s Obinim’s junior pastors’ wives. Whether “Kofi” or “Edem,” Bishop Obinim certainly belongs to the reptilian clade of quack therianthropic and theological gangsters.

So wherever we turn to there is the therianthropic Bishop Obinim. These political and religious snakes such as Bishop Obinim have completely taken over the space of public psychology, something which Bob Marley equates with “spiritual wickedness in high and low places,” a spiritual battle which the people have to wage against in order to free themselves. He sings on the track “So Much Trouble in the World”:

“I and I nah come to fight flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness. So while they fight you down, stand firm and give Jar thanks and praises…‘Cause I and I no expect to be justified by the laws of man…”

Clearly, then, like all creative, perceptive, and thoughtful human beings, Bob Marley does not see man and his laws as ends in and of themselves. Thus, he seeks and expects justice from a higher authority to neutralize the inadequacies of man head-on. The question is, Where do we exactly look for right answers and creative solutions as all these human snakes are using this same higher authority to defraud the masses and to make them estranged prisoners of ignorance? Let us sing along with Bob Marley as he gives this political hymn to the world (“Crazy Baldhead”):

“Here comes the conman, coming with his con-plan; we won’t take no bribe; we’ve got to stay alive; we gonna chase those crazy, chase those crazy baldheads, chase those crazy baldheads out of town…”


With the unraveling of the secret plot tactically and strategically managed by Führer Akufo-Addo to usurp political power by any means through his importation of three South African mercenaries into the country, and under the guise of training certain members closely associated with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ghanaians, the intelligence community, and the National Bureau of Investigations (BNI) must be more proactive and vigilant than they have previously been in uncovering these clandestine acts of security breach.

The BNI has been a sleeping dog for far too long.

We have already made the case elsewhere that the BNI should be technologically retooled and its personnel sufficiently trained to meet international standards in the areas of surveillance and intelligence-gathering techniques. Far more important is, perhaps, first of all, depoliticizing the BNI and its strategic and tactical objectives. This will go a long way to ensure that national security concerns remain beyond the reach of partisan politics, corruption, and duopolistic conceit.

We also need to closely monitor the apocalyptic rhetoric of religious demagogues and their politically divisive activities across the nation, Africa, and the world, and the creeping enticement of political theology in Ghana’s duopolistic culture. This is not rocket science.

After all, we have teachable instances of deadly terrorism recently in the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, to take security matters seriously and give them the strategic attention they deserve. But, the investigation of the clandestine activities of Führer Akufo-Addo and the three mercenaries by the BNI should go beyond the three mercenaries, to include another layer of investigation that closely looks at the possible role of the South African government (and other foreign governments) in this abortive yet overly important teachable breach of national security.

In other words, we dare not overlook the strategic and tactical essentialness of this possibility of Führer Akufo-Addo and the leadership of the NPP collaborating with foreign elements to destabilize the country.

Führer Akufo-Addo should have known better as he came to the NPP with a load of rich political history of Mate Mehu terrorism during the Nkrumah dispensation. His uncle J.B. Danquah was a dangerous tool in the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.), a man who collaborated with the C.I.A. to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nkrumah and to destabilize the country at all cost so that his usurpation of political power with foreign assistance, even though the masses had consistently rejected him at the polls, became a privileged replacement for what he may have essentially construed as his royal entitlement to the presidency.

Likewise, we see serpentine frauds such as Bishop Adu, Rev. Owusu Bempah, Bishop Obinim, and some of their colleagues in the clergy trying so hard to usurp the privileges and prerogatives of God.

Danquah engaged the country in a spate of terroristic acts that led to the murder of children, innocent men and women. Others he merely used and took advantage of as useful idiots to attempt to achieve his stillborn political objectives. We clearly see abortive and frustrative replications of these paedomorphic political and intimidating acts in the carrot-and-stick grudging personality of Führer Akufo-Addo as he tries to move heaven and earth to become Ghana’s next president.

Just like his uncle Danquah, he is desperately trying to use the bullet and the ballot at the same time rather than trying to use Malcolm X’s the bullet or the ballot dichotomy. Führer Akufo-Addo, we should remind our readers, had to run for his life and hide when the National Liberation Council (N.L.C.) came looking for him after the C.I.A.-funded coup d’état.

Beyond this, we have a teachable precedent involving Severo Moto, a major opposition leader who has been running a shadow parallel government to the government in Equatorial Guinea, from his base in Spain, and Mark Thatcher, the late Margaret Thatcher’s son, and a network of hired South African mercenaries including high-profile figures such as Simon Mann, Nick du Toit, Sergio Fernando Patricio Cardoso, Georges Olympic Nunez Alerson, and Jose Passocas Domingos who attempted to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea led by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in a 2004 coup plot now known as the Wonga Coup:

“Manacled hand and foot, with his straggly beard shot through with grey and dressed in prison fatigues, Mann appeared at Black Beach prison in Malabo to claim that a London-based oil trader was the mastermind behind the scheme. There was more: Sir Mark Thatcher, the son of the former prime minister, was far more deeply implicated than he had admitted; the governments of South Africa and Spain not only knew what was being planned but they encouraged it to go ahead…

“Mr. Calil and Sir Mark are facing civil action for damages by the Equatorial Guinea government and Baroness Thatcher’s son received a four-year suspended jail term and fined R3m (£265,000) by the High Court in South Africa after pleading guilty to charges in connection with the plot. He claimed he had been an inadvertent participant. Asked about Sir Mark’s involvement, Mr. Mann said: ‘He was part of the team’…

“Some of the names emerged soon after Mann’s arrest when South African police intercepted a letter to his wife in Cape Town with a ‘wonga list.’ Featuring Smelly (a nickname for Mr Calil) and Scratcher (Sir Mark Thatcher) among the alleged financiers…


Bob Marley, one of the world’s and history’s greatest lyricists, captured the behavior of Führer Akufo-Addo and the three mercenaries: “See them fighting for power; but they know not the hour, so they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money…Yeah, this ambush in the night
Planned by society; ambush in the night…” More importantly, though, political anarchy and nihilism are the ultimate outcomes of “Ambush in the Night.” The apocalyptic message of the track “Ambush in the Night” represents the national security challenges Führer Akufo-Addo, the leadership of the NPP, and the three mercenaries pose to Ghana. Ghana must not allow this to ever happen again.

And as for Kennedy Agyapong and his sensational agitprop politics that Americans are somehow responsible for the training of bodyguards in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) the less said about it, the better.

Kennedy has consistently proven not to be a reliable whistleblower given his brash emotionalism, low political and emotional intelligence. He has no clue whatsoever about public diplomacy, international relations and public relations. The politics of insults is what he knows best, his forte!

We shall return…

Source; Francis Kwarteng


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