It’s always a blessing for any artiste to release a song and for that song to become an instant hit. This is so because some artistes are able to release very good songs but then those songs never become hits even when so much resources are channeled into the promotion of such songs.

One song that has become an instant hit without much promotion and is enjoying massive airplay all over the country is Bisa Kdei’s ”Mansa”.

Speaking to Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview, Bisa Kdei has revealed that even though he is not complacent, he isn’t surprised about the fact that the song has become an instant hit and has been enjoying massive airplay after its release due to the fact that so much effort was put into the song and the belief he has in the song. According to him, ”mansa” should have been released in May this year but due to certain technicalities, the song was rather released in July.

“When I programmed the instrumentals of the song, I had the inner conviction that the song would become a hit. I said to myself that this song is going to put Ghana on a different level so I kept thinking about whom to give the song to for mastering to be done because I really wanted the song to be well-arranged. I sent the song to Kaywa for mastering to be done. Kaywa blessed me and assured me that the song would make it on the music scene. I have had a long-term relationship with Kaywa but for once, it was very refreshing to hear him endorse ”Mansa” as the true meaning of highlife music”.

According to Bisa K Dei, the main idea behind the ”mansa” hit song was to churn out a song with a new feel different from the usual inspirational songs noted of him as a musician. He also mentioned that after the instrumentals of the song was programmed, he didn’t know the lyrics to apply to the instrumentals but after listening to it several times, his childhood days when he created songs with the names of his friends during playtime served as the inspiration for the song.

He noted that after recording ”mansa”, he made the song available to some notable personalities in the music industry who advised him on the changes to be done after which Kaywa came in to do the final mastering. In as much as he believes ”mansa” would do well at next year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Bisa K Dei thinks the best thing to do is to hope that Charterhouse does its work well and then leave the decision of whether ”mansa” should win some awards or not to the general public .

‘’Now even ”brother brother” that I released not long ago is also making waves and I am so glad about it. I need not say much about next year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards but then everyone knows how well ”mansa” and ”brother brother” are doing and so I will leave the decision to the general  public”.



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