Bisa Kdei has worked hard, he has been to the length and breadth of Ghana. Every single “show” that he headlined in the international communities was a “sold out show”.

He has visited the most deprived and neglected areas in Ghana and Africa to entertain and put a smile on the faces of highlife lovers, his loyal fans and also persuade his fans with his soothing voice to get up their feet,dance and shake off the discomfort that is associated with life.

The genre that he chose (highlife),which was only known in Ghana as at the time he emerged has now been accepted globally. He made all kinds of colored people sung and danced to his songs even though they have no understanding to some of the lyrics. His soothing voice makes him unique.

Although he has worked relentlessly ever since he came into the limelight with his movie soundtrack “azonto ghost”,which became an instant hit in the later days of 2011 and still rules the airwaves, he has been relevant ever since, and the year 2015/16 has been the most successful year and the turning point of his career.

On the 18 of December 2015, he released his second studio album” the breakthrough album” the album has ten beautiful songs including the two songs which has won the hearts of every Ghanaian and every music lover worldwide ” Mansa and Brother Brother. Bisa Kdei featured some of Ghana’s finest musicians on his BreakThrough album.

On this note, we ” TeamBisaKdei and the BLMC has no hesitation to say Bisa Kdei has worked harder and deserves to be crowned the artist of the year, and as a matter of fact, win every award in each category that he will belong in the upcoming Ghana’s biggest music awards concert “VGMA”.

Bisa Kdei has indeed revived “highlife” music in Ghana, and due to this achievement, he has gained public admiration and the public now calls him “The Young King Of HighLife Music”

In conclusion, we say a BIG thank you to all the loyal fans of Bisa Kdei, the truth is, Bisa Kdei doesn’t see you guys as his fans, he sees all of you as a FAMILY. On behalf of Bisa Kdei, TeamBisaKdei and the BLMC, we say, we don’t know you all, but we owe you all. Be watchful and vote massively for Bisa Kdei “The Young King Of HighLife Music” as soon as the nominations are out and voting is opened. Thank you!



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