bisa and hajia

 Bisa Kdei is by far,one of the most undermined musicians in Ghana.

Personally, I think he deserves much talk about than most musicians who make headlines with their senseless and noisy songs.

Bisa Kdei is known as a very cool and humble young man. Most Ghanaians will agree with me without doubt,Bisa Kdei is one of the few musicians in Ghana with whose music we can relate our lives to and locate sense. His style of music is basically dynamic,from love songs,encouraging and inspiring songs and something we all can dance to.

He is remarkable,how he blends his lovely,romantic and sorrowful voice to beats will get everyone?s attention. Some of his wonder works includes ?Baba?, a hit song that got everyone dancing with determination.

The lyrics of the song is very encouraging,telling all listening ears that hardwork pays therefore, everyone should aim high and take the right steps to achieving their goals, the journey might be tough but we mustn?t give up and in all things both good and bad, the God factor shouldn?t be forgotten, we must be grateful.

He?s likened to the legendary Amakye Dede because of his inspirational and narrative way of singing his songs. He broke into the music industry with a soundtrack ?Azonto Ghost?, a song which got everyone dancing and since then, he has never looked back. He has to his name incredible songs like metanfo, a song very familiar to most Ghanaians,the song rebukes his enemies, a song with dope lyrics.

His other incredible works includes Madanfo, I love you, Over, Odo carpenter among many others. It just seems that, he will never stop doing hit songs,all his songs one way or another finds a place in the hearts of his audience.

He has worked with great musicians like Obrafour,a very good partnership which has brought forth one of the current trending songs called pimpinaa, he also has songs with Sarkodie (chingam and kutu), Efya (one of your own) among many others, with all the songs making massive waves.

What?s your favourite Bisa Kdei song?



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