The Birim Central Municipal Assembly has named 64 out of 123 streets earmarked for the street naming and property addressing exercise, representing 52 per cent.


Mr Alexander Tetteh, the Municipal Development Planning Officer, revealed this in an interview with the GNA Media Auditing and Development Tracking team at Akyem Oda.

He said the Assembly sought views from the chiefs in the area to select appropriate names for the streets.

?We also looked at the contribution of certain people towards the development of the municipality in the selection of the names,? he said.

Mr Tetteh said the assembly also received applications from individuals, who wanted to have their names on some of the streets which were considered on their merit.

He said the exercise was expected to complete by the end of November this year.

The GNA-STAR Ghana Media Auditing and Tracking of Development projects, is an initiative to promote transparency, social accountability, participatory democracy and good governance.



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