Two women, yet to be identified, have been confirmed dead after sporadic gunshots in the Bimbilla Township which started on Thursday afternoon.

The Northern Regional Police Chief, DCOP Ken Yeboah, disclosed this on Eyewitness News, adding that, two others have also been injured and have been taken to hospital for medical attention.

DCOP Yeboah also confirmed that, the tensions stemmed from attempts by the Bimbilla regent to enskin a sub-chief to the displeasure of another faction.

He explained that“the genesis of the whole thing is that, the regent of Bimbilla wanted to enstool one of the sub-chiefs… when we got the information at the regional level, we told him that for now, it is not advisable because of the transition. Already we have problems in Bimbilla so we cannot approve it.”

But the regent was still insisting on going ahead with the ceremony, and would not reschedule because he said there were elders in the background putting pressure on him to do so, according to DCOP Yeboah.

He narrated further that, “this morning [Thursday], we realized that tension was mounting, and we sent reinforcements to the place. Our information was that, it was done in his palace, and after information got round that he had enskinned the sub-chief, then people started firing all over.”

The interior Ministry has since reviewed the protracted curfew on the Bimbilla Township from 4:00 pm to 6:00am with immediate effect, following the shootings.

The Northern Regional Police Command has since dispatched a team of police officers to quell the shootings.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa


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