Which club is the biggest in world football? A question that can invoke passionate retorts and result in heated debates.

But, when you take stats and hard-hitting figures into account, surely you can?t argue with the end result ? can you?

Here, we look at the top 10 biggest clubs according to Facebook ?Likes?. Does your team make the list? And do you think these figures are a good indicator of a team?s pulling power?

As ever, have your say in the comments box provided.

10. Manchester City | 5,723,000 Likes

The last club to be named in the top 10 as well as the fifth club from England. Manchester City?s numbers have risen after wealthy investors bought them in 2008.

9. Juventus | 6,788,000 Likes

Many expected a team with a history like Juventus would be higher up the ladder as year after year they show they are competitive at all levels of football. For now they sit at 9th.

8. Bayern Munich | 7,710,000 Likes

The current UEFA Champions League holders sit comfortably in eigth place but still need to double their amount of likes before making it into the top five, which seems possible if they continue to display the football they are playing.

7. Liverpool | 12,411,000 Likes

The fourth of five English Premier League club teams, Liverpool?s fanbase has escalated from their five successful Champions League campaigns and also their rivalry with Manchester United in terms of first division titles.

6. Arsenal | 14,380,000 Likes

The trophy-drought has had little affect on the north London club as people from all over the globe still chose Arsenal to be the club for them.

5. AC Milan | 16,222,000 Likes

Despite not being seen as much as a competition for the Champions League as they used to AC Milan continue to be competitive in the politics of Facebook.

4. Chelsea | 17,917,000 Likes

This is largely due to Roman Abramovich?s funding that has returned Chelsea with a large amount of trophies that has surely contributed to Chelsea?s Facebook success.

3. Manchester United | 34,447,000 Likes

The most successful club in English football ranks third on the list by a mere 5 million likes. If they had kept the services of Cristiano Ronaldo, I believe they could of been in second place.

2. Real Madrid | 39,764,000 Likes

Real Madrid and Barcelona share the same rivalry they show on the pitch off it too. Barcelona are ahead of them by 4 million Likes but star man Ronaldo leads Lionel Messi by over 11 million as he sits comfortably with 59 million of them.

1. Barcelona | 43,792,000 Likes

Barcelona continue to grow increasingly day by day, and are now seen to be football?s ?biggest? club. However many of these Likes may be due to number 10 Messi as he succeeds them with over 47 million likes.

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