Mayra. Inset: Unrecognizable: Mayra with her cousin

The world?s heaviest woman has lost a staggering 600lbs in the five years since she shot to fame as the ?Half-Ton Killer?.

She made headlines in 2008 after being accused and then found not guilty of murdering her nephew with her own 1,000-pound body, and now Mayra Rosales, 32, has embarked on a grueling journey to save her own life by losing weight.

In TLC?s upcoming special Half Ton Killer: Transformed, Mayra?s astonishing story is being brought to light as she reveals how she has changed since the murder trial that rocked her life.

In a trailer for the episode, which airs on December 4, Mayra ? who weighed a shocking 1,200lbs at her heaviest point ? is wheeled out of her home after construction workers break a hole in the wall to get her out.

They haul her body onto a stretcher and into a U-Haul, since she is too big to fit into an ambulance. ?At this point, if things don?t change, I?m going to die,? she says.

According to a press release, she has indeed managed to shed ?an astounding amount of weight? thanks to surgeries, physical therapy, rehabilitation and huge changes to her diet.

But with her new 400-pound body, she must learn to carry out normal activities she has never been exposed to, like grocery shopping and job hunting.

Last year, TLC aired a TV special about Mayra?s murder trial and acquittal, in which she was accused of smothering her two-year-old nephew Eliseo to death by falling on him with her 1,000 body.


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