Ghanaian base UK hip hop artiste Big Chris who is under the eagle eyes of C7 entertainment label has released his debut single titled ‘Everrybady’.

The Ghanaian star who recently came down to lay his pipes together with his management in preparation for his stay was  able to adapt the newly accepted world wide dance and tempo from Ghana called Azonto and turned it into a huge hit song called ‘Everrybady’.

Big Chris mentioned: ‘the song is about me asking everybody a simple question about the dance and tempo called Azonto, so I said, ‘so have you ever heard a boogie like this or have you ever done a boogie like this’ which to me is an easy going lyrics that everybody can get used to and flow with’.

He maintained: ‘there is a video to the song on youtube which actually has me doing some wild azonto you will love (smiles) and thank goodness after the day of the release of the video on youtube views has never stopped increasing which to me is a good sign of acceptance by the masses.

On the issue of whether he (big Chris) will be staying in Ghana full time or not after this first single, the Hip hop soldier said: ‘Yeah man, I love Ghana ever since I came down the environments here has been friendly, people want to be with you and for me that is more like a family thing, so yeah just as I named my song ‘everrybady’ so will I love to have them around me everyday.

‘Ghanaians will be seeing more of me in the future, my management C7 entertainment is working around the clock to finalize all  pipes making sure they are working well then we will be good to go, he later added’.

Big Chris in his final words said that, I am grateful for the response so far, even on youtube the family is growing, you can tell a friend to tell a brother about the new family in town called ‘Everrybady’ and lets all be happy.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.nanayaw18.com


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