Hazel O'Sullivan
Hazel O’Sullivan

Big Brother’s Hazel O’Sullivan turned down a steamy night with One Direction’s Niall Horan because she had no idea who he was or that he was part of the biggest boy band in the world.


The 24-year-old model – who got evicted from the reality TV show last week – claims she once knocked back the One Direction hunk at a gathering in Dublin, Ireland, because she had no idea that he was part of the biggest boy band in the world.

She said: “All of a sudden this young blonde guy comes up to me.

“He kept saying how beautiful I was, asked if I wanted a drink.

“I was very flattered. He was being very flirty. He really tried it on. He thought he had a chance.

“My initial reaction when I saw him was, ‘How did this lad get into the party?’ Because he looked so young.

“In the end I made it clear nothing would happen between us and he walked off.”

Hazel only learned who the 19-year-old star was when her friends approached her later that evening.

She added to the Daily Star newspaper: “Later my mates came over and said, ‘There’s a guy from One Direction in the bar tonight.’

“I asked, ‘Who?’ When they pointed to this boy and told me it was Niall, I was shocked.”

Meanwhile, Hazel has been getting cosy with her former homosexual housemate Dan Neal since she got the boot from ‘Big Brother’ after fans turned against her and blamed her for boxer Daley Ojuederie’s swift exit from the programme.

Speaking about Dan, she explained: “I’d marry him if I could. But he has a boyfriend.”


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