Another interesting diary session commenced this afternoon. It seems like entertainment is never short in the Downville house. Luke and Yadel are still without a few of their clothes and toiletries, and are slowly getting annoyed with Big Brother for not delivering. The pair has also asked for medication, as the winter colds are setting in.

Luke was also annoyed at the fact that he had to stay up all night watching the fire without a jacket and medication.He also hasn’t slept in two days. Luke and Yadel are not the only ones struggling with colds and flu. It seems like the flu is doing the rounds as Keagan,Lee and Zainab are also complaining. The pair has said that they are sacrificing their health for Big Brother and the viewers. The general consensus with regards to friendships is that everyone seems to be content with each other.

Nobody really has a problem with anybody else, however, Keagan thinks that Zainab is a bit strange and will probably cause a lot of drama in the future. Speaking about relationships, Yadel confessed to liking Alex and said that there’s something between them. Alex Malonza,however, have a different story. The pair deny the fact that there’s something going on. Zainab confessed to liking Julio and said that she promised to have sex with him.
-By Charlotte Tshabaesele

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