Lady May has yet again topped the nomination list with a total of eight votes. Lady may just survived eviction last night where she was saved by Africa with a total of five and half votes.

Housemates seem to be determined to end Namibia?s quest for Biggie?s prize as they have kept on nominating Lady May who is currently the only remaining Namibian representative after Jessica and Junia have been evicted from the house.

Who Nominated Lady May

1. Keagan Nominated Lady May and Prezzo

2. Kyle Nominated Lady May and Prezzo

3. Wati Nominated Lady May and  Goldie

4. Jannette Nominated Lady May and Keagan

5. Keitta  Nominated Lady May and Goldie

6. Alex Nominated  Lady May and Prezzo

7. Prezzo Nominated Lady May and Wati

8. Goldie Nominated Lady May and Keagan

This weeks sacrifices were Lady May and Prezzo as Kyle and Alex sacrificed these two close friends. Kyle nominated Lady May whom he has been admiring. The Ugandan rep made a move on Lady May telling her that he adores her but today decided to put her up for eviction, it seem his vote was not misplaced since Lady May also nominated kyle. Alex on the other hand sacrificed his country Man Prezzo on grounds that he is selfish.

Source : Big Brotther Stargame


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