Lady May got the highest Nominations followed by Prezzo, Keagan and Goldie. With everyone but Talia nominating the Namibian singer, they cited that she is cagey, fake or antisocial. Keagan put Prezzo up because he was following his gut feel. ?I feel like he has a hidden agenda so I can?t trust him,? the Head of House said. Kyle said Prezzo was overprotective over Goldie while his country mate Alex said he was too selfish.

Apart from Jannette nominating Keagan solely because he is the HoH and can save himself, Goldie thinks he?s the biggest instigator of trouble around the House. Meanwhile, Wati put Goldie up because he can?t really comprehend her strategy while Keitta simply said ?she?s acting for the cameras.?
Wati, Alex, Kyle, Jannette and Keitta all had one nomination each. Talia nominated Jannette and Alex just so they too can have a taste of being on the chopping block. Talia also quoted the fact that these two had fellow country mates in the House.

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