In her Diary Room session Today, The Namibian songstress said that she is going to be more friendly to the toilet when it comes to dressing up and that when the weather becomes a little more friendly than it is now, she will embark to sleeping outside!

For Lady May to say all this,it escalated from just a question when Biggie  asked her about how  she finds the different relationships in the House. The Namibian dame said that she finds it a bit hard to dress up while her fellow Housemates? boyfriends are in the girls? room.

Lady May added that due to these relationships in the House, Boys are spending more time in the Girls? room just because they want to be  with their lovers. On this issue the Namibian was suggesting that if those who have boyfriends would spend more time in the boys?room rather than the Boys coming to the Girls? room nit would be a great idea.

She said that this would help in protecting people?s privacy most especially hers as she prefers doing her things in a more convenient place especially without any Housemate of the opposite sex watching.

However, she said that as an individual can?t influence the others by making them like what she wants .That is when she came to a conclusion that she will have to be more friendly to the toilet when it comes to dressing up and the  garden at night when its time for sleeping!Hmm???Does this explain why she was sleeping outside?

Does Lady May do this because of privacy or its because of her weird characters?????..

Source: OMG! Ghana


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