Namibian singer and Big Brother Stargame housemate, Lady May showed her wild and sexy side in Accra last Saturday, when she hit the stage to perform alongside South African music legend, Hugh Masekela, Ghanaian veteran highlife singer, Ben Brako and others.

The singer?s wild antics may have not come as a surprise to those that watched her in the Big Brother Africa reality TV series but for those who saw her for the first time, they were perhaps more dazzled by her untamed performance on stage. With feline moves only rivaled by Halle Berry as Catwoman, Lady May wiggled her hips seductively, commanding the ?boys? in her band like a Russian dominatrix. She got on the floor and rolled over like a wild cat while performing songs that were relatively unknown to the crowd.  Although the audience was not familiar with the music, Lady May was received very well owing to her energetic performance that solicited flashes of cheers and applause.

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