Eazzy at VGMA

Yesterday saw the introduction of the various housemates for the 7th season of the Africa’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother StarGame. Few days to the grand launch, 7 housemates which included Ghana’s comedian DKB were announced to enter into the house as celebrities.

Those housemates entered the ‘Upville’, considered as the celebrity house, whiles the ‘Downville’ housed the other contestants in the show as pairs – a house considered for regular folks.

With relative upcoming comedian, DKB in the celebrity house, Eazzy [who is in the competition as Mildred, her real name] and boyfriend Keita Osei made it to the pair house.

Shortly after, the above sparked debates and discussions on various social mediums; such as Facebook and Twitter. Most have questioned Big Brother’s decisions, with some also wondering if DKB is bigger than Eazzy [Mildred] in terms of who a celebrity is.

Some argue that, Mildred is much known in and outside Ghana, whereas DKB is an upcoming comedian who is looking for his bearings to establish himself.

Perhaps Big Brother has a different definition of who a ‘celebrity’ is.

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