Big Brother Nigeria continues to surprise fans and viewers all over Africa for so many reasons with its unpredictable outcomes especially when it comes to who eventually leaves the house on eviction night, but one of its favourite followers claims that it is no surprise to her that Bassey was sent packing and her belief that Debby Rise may eventually emerge winner of the Big Brother Niaja show.

Big Brother Naija
Big Brother Naija
According to Ify Banking, an Abuja based follower of the reality TV show for the last 5 seasons who has gotten most of her predictions right since the show began said she was not surprised at the elimination of Bassey last night.

Ify claimed that Bassey was just a victim of circumstance and the intrigues of the reality show especially as he didn’t have enough supporters to keep him in the show.
“It wasn’t really a surprise because if you watch the show closely, Tboss have so many fans and Debby Rise also have a lot of fans that vote for her week in week out, and as for Bally he has his own little fans but because he is friend of Efe who put him up for eviction, Efe’s fans decided to cast their votes for him, so as not to make him feel bad that his friend left the house because of him and as you can see Bally had a 100% chance of surviving the cut as he got the highest vote out of the four who were up for eviction this week. I can also tell you that Bisola’s fans also voted for Bally, but if you observe closely you will also notice that Tboss is the most hated housemate for no just reason and this made a lot of viewers vote for her out of sympathy while Debby Rise is just under the radar getting massive votes that surprises most fans which makes her the wild card of the show.”

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Ify Banking further claimed that even though everyone thinks that the show might be won by either Efe or Bisola as a result of their admiration by so many fans across Nigeria, Debby Rise may spring a surprise on the final day to emerge as winner of the prize money and SUV gift. “Tboss has a bigger chance to win also but as you watch the show each day Debby Rise continues to amass votes each week to keep her until the last day. Debby may not have a lot of comments on the screen but her votes keep increasing every other week and I am not surprised because she has been on another reality show called Nigerian Idol where she emerged as 1st runner up which shows that there are a lot of fans secretly voting for her without making a lot of noise about it so this makes her a wild card.”

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It also came to so many viewers as a surprise that Big Brother also announced that housemates can openly discuss nominations amongst themselves but Ify Banking sees this as an opportunity for Efe, Bisola, Bally, and Marvin to gang up against Tboss and Debby Rise as she insists that Tboss and Debby will be nominated for possible eviction on Monday. “As things stand today in the house it appears to be four against two which we can all see from the way the have been aligning with themselves and we are not surprised but for the first time in the history of Big Brother reality show housemates are permitted to discuss their eviction and this surely will pitch the ‘fantastic four’ led by Efe against the two outsiders Tboss and Derby Rise.

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By, Uchechukwu Ugboaja