Prezzo (Kenya)

While Tamara and Ola were in the garden trying not to fall asleep, Tamara brought up the subject of girls. Tamara asked Ola if he would go for any girl in the house, to which he said no. When he asked her why she wanted to know, she said that Maneta had a crush on him while she was still there.

“I don’t want to be with a girl in the house because it’s a game. If I want to find a girl then I’ll do it outside of the house,” he said.

Ola said he didn’t like playing around with girls and that he didn’t want any nonsense. He wanted something more serious and emotional, and felt like he was not going to get that in the house.

“I don’t use people because I hate being used.” Tamara, however, had a different point of view. She said that he needed to let loose and have fun. Ola told her that he was only after the money, to which Tamara said that was the only thing that was real. “The money is the only thing that’s real in here. Everything else is fake.”

Golden Kiss for Prezzo!

Didn’t Prezzo say he was married? Then how come he was suddenly begging for Goldie’s kisses? For someone who’s been bragging about his wife, Prezzo and Goldie are getting too close for comfort. Perhaps, he’ll stop focusing on Barbz for a while.

Just before midnight on Monday, Prezzo and Goldie cozied in the patio, giggling and promising each other trust amongst other things.
Prezzo felt he deserved a kiss from Goldie and when she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, Prezzo cried for more.

There must have been two more pecks after that and he escorted her to the bedroom.

Alex Secretly Changes Wager

The Housemates were stunned to be slapped with a task that will test their endurance.

We all know that both Upville and Downville love nothing better than to stay up till way past their bedtime, but will they survive if the all-important wager depends on it?

Big Brother has ordered the housemates to stay up for two nights and three days. In this time, the Housemates will conceive a 20 minute bedtime story, which they will present on Thursday during weekly task presentation in the garden.

There were complaints from Mampi and DKB when their fellow Upville Starmates suggested they go for 100 percent this week. After a vote-off, the others triumphed over the two.

Over in Downville, the gang agreed to wager 50 percent of their shopping decibels. However, upon entering the diary room, Head of House Alex switched the figure to 75 percent.

Peace Restored?

After a week filled with catfights and mudslinging, the Starmates finally apologised to one other.

During their individual diary session’s, Big Brother gave the Upvillers something to think about.

Respect and forgiveness were running themes that Biggie touched on. Taking the hint, DKB made his speech at the lunch table.
He apologised to Mampi for the things he said during their massive fight on Sunday evening.

Roki also apologised to everyone for anything he might have said to offend them during their time in the House.

Prezzo, on the other hand, did not seem too interested in making any apologies despite being involved in two spats with Barbz. He stood up from the table after his meal (prepared by Barbz) and left the kitchen.

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