Sam Evans
Sam Evans

‘Big Brother’ housemates Gina Rio, Sam Evans, Dexter Koh, Jack and Joe Glenny, Sophie Lawrence and Charlie Travers will cast their final nominations tonight (12.08.13) – face to face.


The six remaining contestants, Gina Rio, Sam Evans, Dexter Koh, Jack and Joe Glenny, Sophie Lawrence and Charlie Travers, will dish the dirt on each other ahead of Friday’s (16.08.13) eviction, which will see one housemate miss out on next Monday’s (19.08.13) final.

Following Hazel O’Sullivan’s eviction from the house on Friday (09.08.13), the housemates were given the chance to win a pass to the Channel 5 show’s finale.

However, the group were made to choose which one of them they thought should be allowed to progress to the final, but after the results ended in a draw – each of the six remaining housemates gained one vote each – none were given the prestigious prize.

Hazel was greeted by a chorus of boos when she exited the house on Friday and claimed she was “devastated” when boxer Daley Ojuederie was booted off the programme last month after threatening to “nut her” during in a drunken playfight, resulting in the brunette beauty complaining to producers.

In her first post-eviction interview, she explained: “I was devastated when he was removed. I didn’t want that. It got out of hand and there was a worry.

“He is a good-looking guy but I am no home-wrecker. We didn’t have sex. We didn’t even kiss. I know most of the blame has been with me but I was given mixed signals.”

Daley – who had a girlfriend during his time on the show – has since said he has moved on from Hazel.


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