Prezzo really needs to step away from the bottle. First, a stab at Barbz and now, this! After helping himself to one too many drinks, the Kenyan Starmate staggered into the kitchen and hurled all sorts of abuse at DKB. Prezzo blames DKB for causing the rift that persists between he and his “lady”, Goldie.

According to Prezzo, Goldie stopped talking to him after a conversation with DKB.

During the fight, Prezzo boasted about his mansion back home and told him “I’ll kill you. I’ll add more scars to your face”. He slurred through the battle, encouraging DKB to slap him.

DKB tried to remain calm but after seeing he was fighting a losing battle, gave as much as he was being given. “We can count on you to act like a retard every time you drink. You need rehab”, he said.

The two threw verbal jabs at each other for close to an hour, with Prezzo spitting intermittently.

When things started getting too heated, Goldie attempted to step in. Prezzo broke free and acted out some more, until Big Brother called him to the Diary Room. What is going on with this guy?

I think it’s about time someone said goobye to the bottle. (Watch the video below)


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