Beyonce released her own lifestyle blog, which she called ?The BeyHive?.

This blog is an online platform that allows Beyonce to share her thoughts and imagination with her fans.

In a public statement published on her official website Beyonce says that The BeyHive Blog is the place where she will share all the things that inspire her everyday, as she sees them.

The blog is a pretty good idea and let?s hope Beyonce is going to post good and inspirational content.

However, one thing we?ve noticed, which seems very odd, is that the blog also has a ?Donate? section in the left column, where visitors are being kindly asked to donate money to support The BeyHive blog.

Don?t you think this is a bit weird considering that Beyonce is, after all, a millionaire ? And her husband, Jay-Z, is one too.

In any case, the Donate section seems very inappropriate. Donating money for a noble cause is, well, very noble, and we should all donate more, but being asked to donate money to support the website / blog of a millionaire, well, that is, to put it plain and simple, very rude.

I don?t know about you, but I am very curious to see how Beyonce explains the ?Donate? section on her blog, aren?t you ?

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