Catholic University College of Ghana, Sunyani
Catholic University College of Ghana, Sunyani

I had never been enthused about private universities in Ghana but owing to my experience in Catholic schools, I thought CUCG would be different. I was grossly mistaken.

Catholic University College of Ghana, Sunyani
Catholic University College of Ghana, Sunyani

After settling extortionate fees, I came to the realisation that the worst was yet to occur. Two weeks to the commencement of end of first semester examination, admission was still ongoing. That was strikingly bewildering and bizarre in the sense that, where and how were those students being admitted going to get marks for mid-semester examination? Were official academic documents going to be doctored or falsified in their favour? Or was it that the mid-semester examination – 40% – was not necessary? Was University of Cape Coast (UCC) to which CUCG was and is still affiliated to aware of this dubious practice? Ironically, the school touts itself as a citadel of academic and moral excellence. Tell that to the marines.

Results for the first semester examination were released late in the second semester in a sloppy and chaotic manner. A great proportion of the students had errors on their slips. One that readily comes to mind is a friend who was given a C but per their own interpretation should have been C+. Another that deserves quick mention was a student who trailed when he had had a B. Considering the magnitude of corrupt practices being perpetrated, was it not possible and ginormously easy for a student who had trailed to have it bettered?

Another staggering situation that simultaneously inspires humour relates to a number of students who were ostensibly trailed for not submitting their project works when in actuality some respected the deadline. A student submitted his work in early June – almost two months earlier – but was trailed. He had a hectic time trying to have it rectified. The only rational reason that would suffice in explaining this is due diligence was not performed. This is because when a student submits his work, it is recorded in a book with his particulars. Why was this not consulted?

The last burden reared its ugly head after graduation. Personally, it took me five separate trips to acquire my certificate. The procedure for clearance was so cumbersome. Some workers used it as the ultimate point of extortion. Students were given library cards at a cost of GH₵
10 (not part of school fees). During clearance, I was fleeced GH₵ 10 for not bringing the card. I was told the card which I purchased had to be destroyed. This is humongously ridiculous. Why should you deliberately destroy my property? I was told I owed GH₵ 50 (all students) of first semester fees for hepatitis B screening. Funny enough, the screening was conducted in the second semester. Again, results of the exercise were not given to us. Is this some kind of a joke? Well I do not find it entertaining.

The time has come for Ghana Accreditation Board (GAB), UCC and all relevant stakeholders to work hand and glove to flush out these conniving and bogus establishments disguised as academic institutions from the system. Already Ghana is ‘enjoying’ a bad reputation abroad for issuance of fake certificates and examination malpractices. It appears the lunatics spearheading this are striving hand and foot to formalise their activities. They cannot be granted a congenial
atmosphere to ply their trade. Let no one take it with a pinch of salt neither brush it under the carpet for it has the propensity to devalue our already ailing education system and make Ghana a laughing stock before the rest of the world.

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