You can never talk about rivals in Ghana?s showbiz arena without mentioning the Delay-Afia Schwarzenegger rivalry. These two celebrated personalities who were the best of friends though one was the boss and the other a servant have become the worst enemies. Their production of Ghana?s leading sitcom, ??Afia Schwarzenegger?? which shot Valentina Nana Aqyeiwa (the lead character) to fame has spiced up our weekend prime time over the years. Say what? Irrespective of how clueless this sitcom is, the characters and the satire in this TV programme have made it a national hit on our screens!

Unfortunately, a misunderstanding broke out between Deloris Frimpong-Manso a.k.a Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger which split these two stars who had a strong business relationship few years ago. But Delay?s dynamism and feminism in the management of her projects like the Delay Show have helped her to sustain the prominence of the ??Afia Schwarzenegger?? programme since its first lead character left. However, there is a growing conflict between Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger which seems unhealthy to most Ghanaian showbiz lovers.

That is why I seek to compare the works of Delay to that of Afia Schwarzenegger after the break-up in an attempt to possibly ascertain who the queen of satire in Ghana is among these two. And I pray my allusion would not be misconstrued by Delay or Afia Schwarzenegger especially. But before I go on, we all have to understand what satire really means. Satire basically refers to being mischievous and critical of something, someone, a group of people or a system in a deliberate manner for fun and to expose their defects. Let us not forget that Delay does her satire on the Delay Show and Afia Schwarzenegger does her satire on her show and often through other media.

Moreover, the Delay Show is the darling of interview shows in Ghana because it is hosted by a realist with uncensored conversation unlike all other interview shows. Delay would certainly mock you on her own show and probably embarrass you with her probing questions if you are not smarter. Aside asking so called ridiculous questions, Delay?s mischief is an intelligent one. On the other hand, Delay?s rival who is Afia Schwarzenegger is also extremely good at satire. Her satire has more humour and mockery but are mostly malicious in nature. Therefore, who is the queen of satire in Ghana?

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