The Constituency Secretary of the Kumasi Asawase branch of the NDC, Hon. Joseph Salifu Boale has observed that the Better Ghana Agenda concept introduced by the ruling NDC, is positively having impact on the lives of Ghanaian populace especially in the areas of job creation, infrastructural basis and among others all other sectors of the economy.

wpid-Atta-Mills.jpgHon. Boale said in the era when NDC was not in power, youth suffered from massive unemployment problems while other national sectors that needed to be developed for decent living were left to be shattered.

The secretary told this paper that it is the government of the NDC that have been able to bail Ghanaians from their predicament. According to the affable and outspoken, NDC activist there is the need for Ghanaians to be thankful to the NDC to have the late Prez Mills and? the current Prez. Johm Mahama to transform the fragile economy for the betterment of all.

Hon Boale particularly applauded the president for through the Better Ghana Agenda concept, developed the Asawase Constituency as well as creating new district in the constituency which have its apartment of offices at Asokore Mampong to ensure total development of the constituency.

He however urged party members to stay resolute firm and renew their trust in the president to move the country forward by way of starting restructuring the party organisation at all levels to enhance the party?s winning chance in the next election.


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