I want to use this medium as a platform to congratulate the Ghana rap JET-LI (Sarkodie) for making it to the Black Entertainment Awards (BET) and bagging away the African Act Award ?12? though the award was presented off the scene (backstage) for no corporeal motive.

I have followed BET Networks closely 3years now, from 106 & Parks Top 10 Count Down hosted by Terrance J and Rocsi to Apollo Live to Asylum to Access Granted and many more can be mentioned but no single African act or music video from Africa has been televised on NETWORK before and yet BET brags with Black Entertainment swag and all of that; forgetting African is also cataloged as BLACKS. As a matter of fact ? Africans are the real Black when we talk of BLACKS.

BET took the 2012 AWARDS to another level on the 1st of July 2012 inside the shrine auditorium in Los Angeles (L.A) with swag, and all deserving awardees from the United States executively received their award in the open for the basis that, the world of Entertainment was watching it live at that instance, from the Best Group to the Coca Cola Viewers choice Award, B.E.T neglected a category (BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT AFRICA) which goes to a whole CONTINENT from appearing to the bunch at the 2012 BET. Not only 2012 BET but these procedures of awarding African Acts backstage commenced on the very first day BET introduce the BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT AFRICA as their new category to help unleash African Dreams. If the category was to help unleash African Acts, then why award the personalities behind the scene?

Africa thought this procedure might change but BET have closed ears to Africa, if BET think they will keep on awarding African Acts behind the scenes then it?s by far better they don?t nominated any African act for their next season or better still can trash the category out.

I don?t really blame BET for such a keep apart act towards African talents, I specifically blame Africa as a mass, because we so much believe in the future of western lifestyle rather than graduating ours to a new level of brand thinking the best is from the WEST! ? For Real, the west has the best but the quality and natural ones rest in Africa.

From a reliable source who reported to TheMonteOz.com on an occurrence that transpired during Sarkodie?s entrance to the BET stated that; ?not even a media house with a camera phone approached Sarkodie for an interview at the 2012 BET since he is from Africa (Ghana), the Ghana rapper?s team who followed him to the Awards tried their best to figure out how to get a media platform for Sarkodie to illuminate his presence at BET but they came out with no solution. The situation was similar to Mokobe, Wizkid, Camp Mulla, Lira from South Africa and other African personalities who represented at the BET.

Where is the Future and Strength of African Entertainment trade? What hurts most is, Africa worships the Diaspora entertainment world as if they came to extent man?s life span. Look at Nigeria?s D?banj, he is killing himself to get to the top with Kanye West, not to even talk of the duo P-square who also paid huge sum to feature big belly Rick Ross on just a single Track.

We (AFRICA) need to prove to the world of Entertainment that, we are for real and natural when it comes to Entertainment, though we luck means to make it to the top. All we need to do is to push our own artistes to the top by patronizing their pieces, giving free airplays on radios, TV, promoting them through online Medias to let the western world know, we have great ambitions in Africa.

And to my all beloved DEEJAYS, PRESENTERS AND PUBLICISTS ? Kindly quit promoting western materials on African Waves because they (BET) and the westerners do not use Africa footages or sound tracks on their airwaves plus they have no single idea of any recent African hit song or music video, unless the artistes want to feature top western act on their songs before they realize there is a place called Mother Africa.

Let?s believe in the Future of Africa ? The real Dreams are on our land.

Source : MonteOZ.Com


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