WAV format, which is also known as Waveform Audio File Format or WAVE is an audio format developed by Microsoft and IBM for storing music on computers. This is the format that is typically used to store and play uncompressed audio files on Windows systems.

However, oftentimes, it makes users want to convert WAV files and yet to save the sound quality. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to do so is download high-quality WAV converter.

The Smart WAV Converter is the quickest and easiest to use audio tool of its kind. The program completes conversions in seconds, reducing file sizes roughly by a factor of 10. It is ideal for converting batches of WAV files to MP3 or other file formats.

And the software works on all Windows systems.

With Smart WAV Converter you can make it easy to manage your WAV to MP3 converting task (between WAV, MP3, AVI audio stream, WMA and few others. for the Pro version). You can select all Wav files from the file dialog and then begin the conversion to MP3. Most of the work is done automatically just with several mouse clicks. You can see the overall progress of the operation on the progress bar below the list. The output MP3 file is written to the same folder where the source WAV file is located.

Good feature of Smart WAV Converter are: Easy to use – just click ‘Convert’; High converting speed – saves your time. Excellent output quality – enjoy your digital audio; Batch Conversion Support – all files at once; PRO version converts between WAV, MP3, AVI audio, WMA and many other formats.

After using, you will find this WAV Converter is a fantastic quality product, it installed effortlessly and after you purchased the registration code it went down to business converting the large amount of wav that you had needed to re convert. The WAV Converter is simple but does a lot.

mp3 to wav

Convert mp3 to wav if your can’t support mp3s

“How can I convert some of my MP3s to WAV format? I have an old MP3 player that is supposed to support both MP3 and WAV files, but some of the new files I downloaded from AmazonMP3 don’t seem to work with it. How can I convert these files to WAV to see if they will work?” BOXOFT

To convert files from MP3 to WAV, start by downloading BOXOFT MP3 to Wav converter. it is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful audio conversion tool that lets you to batch convert Audio .mp3 to high quality Wav audio formats on-the-fly, It is equipped with a standard audio compressed encoder, you can select bit rate settings and convert multiple files at once.

Main features of BOXOFT MP3 to Wav converter. Are: Easy to use – Just select the file you want to convert on your system; Option of setting encoder property like bit rate, channel, sample rate, quality; The All to Wav converter allows you to drag & drop file, specify output path, and queue music files; High converting speed – saves your time; Excellent output quality – enjoy your digital audio; Allows you to convert entire folders and sub-folders; Batch conversion: You can convert many files in one batch regardless of their source formats.

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