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The Best Auto Solutions Limited would provide daily tips revolving around consistent oil changes, tire rotations, air pressure checks, timing belt replacement, annual brake checkup, replacing the PCV regularly and changing spark plugs and filters to avoid hefty repair bills for bad brakes, failed emissions tests and engine breakdown.

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Mr Nicholas Tetteh Ocansey, the General Manager of BASGL, in a statement issued in Accra and copied the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said “the Company is not just interested in selling spare parts to its numerous clients but is very much interested in ensuring their clients’ cars drive better and last longer”.

He said poorly maintained vehicles caused thousands of accidents each year in Ghana and that the bill for accidents resulting from unperformed vehicle maintenance topped one billion a year.

“Even if you are fortunate enough to avoid a crash, putting off maintenance is likely to reduce your car’s life span. If you don’t maintain your car, you’re taking a vehicle that should have been driven for 200,000 miles over its lifespan, and knocking it down to about 150,000 miles,” Mr Ocansey said.

“The true cost of not maintaining your vehicle may include hefty repair bills for bad brakes, failed emissions tests and even an engine breakdown. There is a simple rule in ensuring your car stays in a healthy condition for a longtime.

“In order to keep your car running at its best and save you money, it is important to keep up with daily routine maintenance and inspections. By properly maintaining your vehicle, you’ll reduce future repair costs, optimize your car’s performance, maintain its value and extend its life,” he explained.

Mr Ocansey urged the public to log onto the website and receive daily car maintenance tips.

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