The 10th Miss Malaika pageant is experiencing an unprecedented transparent voting process since its inception. The inclusion of ?facebook? as a prime medium of voting by fans is touted by many as the most interactive and transparent voting process where fans will have to ?LIKE? a photo album of their favorite contestant.berniceIf the ?facebook? results are what organizers of the pageant must go by, then the highest ranking contestant with over 1,160 votes is Bernice Quaye.

The stunning 22 year old Student of Central University College is undoubtedly a highly competitive contestant for Miss Malaika 2012.

Unlike the usual concealed process of collating SMS votes which requires the use of air time, ?facebook? voting is turning out to be the most trusted medium of voting because multiple voting is avoided, and it shows a true reflection of which contestant has the most fan support.

Bernice encourages more voting support from her fans, as she is keenly expectant of winning the coveted Malaika crown this year. She intends to open a modeling school, create women empowerment, and also help build self-esteem in young Ghanaian women.



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