It has been rumoured times without number that rapper EL and TV Host Berla Mundi are secretly dating. Some industry players know about this, but the two keeps denying any question about dating when in public.

This picture has got people talking again. This small kiss on the cheek, look at how Berla Mundi got emotional; more or less, she was in wonderland. When EL was asked on ‘Hanging out with KOD’ somewhere mid last year, whether the two have something going on, EL couldn’t give a straight answer to this simple question.

He started, “Berla is loving, kind, respectful, hardworking, humble….’ he was just beating about the bush and KOD later decided to ask him a different question.

Do they have something secretly going on? If yes, the public will surely get to know of it this year. They can’t hide it forever or?

Source: www.bigtriceonline.blogspot.com


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