The action by Nana Oteng Korankye and Comet Properties, according to the Abokobi Presbyterian Church, contravenes an Accra High Court’s injunction, restraining all parties to the dispute from doing any development on the land.


Addressing a news conference on the subject, Mr Wilberforce Laate, Senior Presbyter of the Church in Abokobi, disclosed that on December 22, 2015, the Church secured a court order directing all parties to the disputed land to maintain the status quo as it existed until the determination of the injunction or final determination of the suit.

Mr Laate alleged that notwithstanding the injunction, the chief of Berekuso, his servants and purported assigns were still working on the land. “All attempts to seek the enforcement of the court order with the assistance of the Ayi Mensah Police in whose jurisdiction we fall under have strangely proven futile.

“Even though the Police have asked both parties to stay away from the disputed the chief of Berekuso and his people keep violating this order with impunity and the Police strangely look unconcerned.”

He said the Church was worried about the rapid rate of deforestation and its diverse effects on our environment, adding, “our little forest cover and reserves are all being destroyed now. Even our mango and oil palm plantations have been uprooted and destroyed.”

Besides, Mr Laate disclosed that there were reported cases of people being robbed of their belongings in the night as they commute from and to their homes. “These are as a result of the activities of these land guards,” he insisted.

He added, “Concerned about the repercussions of the haste with which the land is being sold and exploited and the attacks on the indigenes of Abokobi, we humbly call for a total adherence to the court order affecting the land till the determination of the case.”

The Church, cognisant of the fact that the Ayi Mensah Police is unable to enforce the injunction is appealing to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to set up a Task Force to assist with the implementation of the court order so as to maintain peace and order in the Abokobi community.

Mr Laate further disclosed that on the basis of the videos of judicial corruption scandal, courtesy Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the Church was of the view that Justice John Ajet-Nasam, who gave a ruling on the disputed in favour of the chief of Berekuso and Comet properties, was compromised.

In an interview with the Public Agenda, Minister–in– charge of Abokobi Presby, Reverend Ebenezer Akrong, disclosed that the land was bought in 1844 Rev Andreas Riis, a Basel Missionary, for plantation purposes during the era when slave trade was booming in the then Gold Coast.

But the Head Office of Basel Mission, Switzerland, was displeased with the action of the Missionary because they assumed he was going to engage the labour from slaves to work on the land which they considered as very unchristian and unethical of a Missionary of God. As a result of this action, Andreas Riis was recalled back home to Switzerland and the land was then taken over by the then Presbyterian church of the Gold Coast now Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Rev Akrong disclosed that the land was registered at the then of then Supreme Court of Ghana, where all lands were registered at that time because those days there was no institution like Lands Commission. The Supreme Court issued Land Title Certificate on lands as per the practice pertaining currently.

By Jacob Ope Dadebo, Abokobi



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