Benin’s government has opened investigations in the corruption scandal that was reported during the implementation of the second phase of a water and sanitation program, popularly known as PPEA-II, Economy and Finance Minister Komi Koutche said on Thursday. Benin
At the same time, the government has asked the Dutch government which was funding the program, to recruit an international consultant to carry out an independent audit.
“The audit will enable us to know whether alleged irregularities in the implementation of the program’s second phase by officials from Benin’s water ministry, are true,” he said.
On Wednesday, the Netherlands announced the suspension of its development aid to Benin over irregularities and corruption in the management of the second phase of the water and sanitation program in Benin’s water ministry.
The Netherlands and Benin had signed an agreement for implementation of a second phase of the project costing a total of 40,524 billion CFA Francs (over 67 million U.S. dollars) for the period between 2013-2015.
The project was aimed at guaranteeing the population’s access to water, controlling risks associated with water management and contributing to the promotion of hygiene and basic sanitation, the Dutch government statement said.
According to the agreement, a financial and technical audit of the project’s implementation was to be carried out every year.
“The final conclusions of the 2014 audit revealed irregularities in the management of PPEA-II by officials from Benin’s water ministry,” the statement continued.
“Given the gravity of the situation, the Netherlands government has taken the following measures: stopping further funding for the second phase of the project, suspending implementation of any financial support agreement and suspending execution of all other development projects supported by the Netherlands in Benin,” it concluded. Enditem

Source; Xinhua


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