Mrs. Victoria Achilles Ali aka?Victoria Mercedes Manly-Spain
Mrs. Victoria Achilles Ali aka?Victoria Mercedes Manly-Spain
Mrs. Victoria Achilles Ali aka?Victoria Mercedes Manly-Spain
Mrs. Victoria Achilles Ali aka?Victoria Mercedes Manly-Spain

The cocoa affairs Circuit Court has issued a bench warrant against Victoria Mercedes Manly-Spain (now Mrs. Achilles Ali), a banker with the Ecobank Ghana Limited, Tema branch, for failing to appear before her Lordship Madam Abena Agyin-Doku, over alleged forgery and stealing charges.

According to the Court, on October 2014, Victoria Mercedes Manly-Spain (now Mrs. Achilles Ali), 2nd defendant, and her husband, Achilles Ali, 1st defendant allegedly conspired to transfer a sum of Gh?558,000.00 belonging to one George Adu Annang, her husband?s Co-business partner.

Mr. Achilles Ali
Mr. Achilles Ali

The charge sheet further read that the couple forged documents with affidavit to transfer deed in the name of George Adu Annang, with intent to steal the amount (Gh?558,000.00). The prosecution told the court police investigation indicated that the first defendant, Achilles Ali authorized the transfer of Adu Annang?s share to the wife, the second defendant, Mrs. Achilles Ali.

According to the Prosecution, investigations revealed that Victoria allegedly sought the expertise of a Commissioner of Oath, Ofori Kwarteng, a witness in the case, to use George Adu Annang?s details to prepare an affidavit which the 1st defendant had used to change the documents at the Registrar General?s Department.

After the alteration, they transferred a joint Ecofiber Product Company?s fund for Achilles Ali and George Adu Annang, into fresh account with Zenith bank, without Adu Annang?s knowledge, the Prosecution explained.

Upon checks, the complainant, George Adu Annang reported the matter to the Police at CID/Head Quarters, Accra leading to the arrest of the couple, but they denied the charges against levelled against them, Madam Cynthia informed.

She said, ?handwritten and signature specimen were taken from the parties and sent to the crime forensic laboratory for analysis?, but turned out that the complainant has not signed for the transfer of his share.

The investigation further unraveled that, the complainant, Adu Annang, and Achilles Ali have joint Ecofiber Producing Company, which the former and the latter are shareholders (30% : 70%) and signatories to the accounts with Ecobank, Ashaiman branch, as well as all documents covering the company at the Registrar General before its alteration.

The Cocoa Affairs Magistrate Court, presided over by Madam Abena Agyin-Doku, has granted Achilles Ali bill of Gh?600,000 with two sureties, each justifiable.

Source: Witty?K. Adusu,?The Republic


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