BENCH WARRANTS have been issued by two courts in Accra for the arrest of some personalities for the non-payment of Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions of their employees.

The 15 personalities, who are the Directors of some companies in Accra, owe the SNNIT amounts ranging from GHc490.00 to GHc249, 925.35 and all efforts to retrieve the monies or arraign the defaulters before the courts by the Osu Branch of the SSNIT proved futile, and hence, the bench warrant.
The Osu Branch Manager of the SSNIT, Frank Molbilla told this paper that his outfit would do all it could to ensure that the monies are retrieved. He therefore, urged employees to invariably check on their SSNIT contributions to see if their employers are living up to expectation.

Mr. Molbilla also appealed to the general public to report companies that are defaulting in paying, stressing that the non-payment of contributions seriously affected the performance of the Trust.

Below are the names of the companies and Directors that have been issued with the bench warrant:

Name of Establishment Name of Director
Amount owed Court

1. Giant Inter Comp Limited Michael Attipoe GHc22,429.24 Circuit
2. C4BT Consulting Limited Samuel Sarpong GHc20,459.01 Circuit
3. Teago Consulting Limited Alice Wilson GHc249,925.35 Circuit
4. After One Spot Christian Akrong Akuetteh GHc567.00 Circuit
5. Jasoung Limited John Apati Sahyoun GHc1,151.89 Circuit
6. Horizon West Tour Foster Joe Nyarko GHc2,371.92 Circuit
7. Monte Carlo Grande Café Sally Kanbonaba GHc8,441.03 Circuit
8. Rockdo Enterprise Joseph Borketey Bortey GHc1,950.67 Circuit
9. Akoben Security Kwabena Bediako GHc42,783.68 District
10. Grandure Consult Gifty Koranteng Addo GHc497.00 District
11. Xpress Media Limited Sam Duah GHc1,550.00 District
12. Cambello Autoworks Ernest Quist Quarmyne GHc490.00 District
13. Glory Lyceum Joseph Adjei GHc1,983.24 District
14. Herald Building Supply Marlon Isliker GHc2,244.02 District
15. Excel Courier Alexander Afenyo Markin Non-submission of Reports District

Source: Innocent Samuel Appiah


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