Ben Shephard
Ben Shephard

Ben Shephard wants to present a “quiz show special” of ‘Tipping Point’ with the likes of Bradley Walsh, Julia Bradbury and Stephen Mulhern all competing against each other.


The 38-year-old presenter of the new ITV game show – which sees contestants answer questions to win counters to use on a huge arcade-style coin pusher machine – thinks it would be fascinating to watch the likes of Bradley Walsh, Stephen Mulhern and Julia Bradbury do battle on the programme.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “It would be brilliant to do a quiz show host special. We could have Stephen Mulhern from ‘Catchphrase’ and we could have Bradley Walsh from ‘The Chase’ and we could get Julia Bradbury on from ‘Take on the Twisters’.

“Being a quiz show host I would love to do that. But I bet nobody would want to do it though. Everyone always expects me to do pub quizzes, but the problem is I’ve got a rubbish memory. So I get all this amazing knowledge but it goes straight away.

“My general knowledge isn’t anywhere near as it should be.”

As well as a quiz show episode, Ben is keen for the show’s producers to arrange several other celebrity specials including one featuring Peter Capaldi, who was recently named as the Twelfth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’, as well as David Tennant, who portrayed the Tenth Doctor.

He added: “The new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, would be great, or David Tennant, some of those guys. A ‘Doctor Who’ special would be brilliant!

“I’d also like to get Amy Childs, she tweeted the other day about how much she enjoys the show. I think it’s always hilarious getting people from various walks of life.

“We had Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes and that really hit a nerve with everyone. I was getting lots of tweets saying we need more husbands and wives on the show.

“I think we should do a family version because there’s nothing like a bit of competition in a family.”

This summer, Ben, who loves indulging in some lovely Thins at lunch, is working with Warburtons to provide inspiration for families to help liven up lunch over the summer holidays.

Visit the Facebook page – for further information.


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