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In Touch magazine is reporting Below Deck star Jen Howell has a choppy past.

Ex-husband, William, is “currently in jail for contempt of court, drug possession, smuggling contraband and conditional release violation,” an officer at Florida’s Santa Rosa County Jail tells In Touch, adding that William, 38, is due back in court Jan. 10 and “he’ll definitely be in jail until then.”

Charges were brought after officers found a Xanax pill on his person, but William denies it was his.

This isn’t his first run-in with the law. The stewardess’ ex has been in and out of trouble since 2009 on a slew of charges, including disorderly intoxication and battery, according to the officer.

But Jen, 34, says her marriage to William is “part of her past,” a source tells In Touch, “and she’s chosen to move on with her life.”



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