The Belgian armed forces are set to add cyber security to its defence strategy from 2019, local media reported on Tuesday. cyber security
In addition to its current operational capabilities, the Belgian armed forces plan to engage in a program of cyber security that includes detection and prevention of attacks from outside, as well as carrying out cyber attacks of its own, De Standaard reported.
In an interview with De Standaard, Lt. Col. Miguel De Bruycker, head of Cyber Defence at the General Intelligence and Security Service, said that “if counter parties intrude on our systems, they can steal information, delete or falsify data and interfere with normal operations. We must ensure that does not happen.”
The new cyber security arrangements will be in operation from 2019.
According to Miguel De Bruycker, the aim of the arrangements is to discourage countries, organisations and individuals from launching a cyber attack on Belgium, as well as giving the defence forces the skill to launch their own counter attack.
“We sometimes have no choice but to proceed experimentally. Our techniques are constantly being refined,” he said.
The priority of military cyber security is the protection of defence communications and information, as well as its weapon systems.
“Our service is operational at all times. In fact, it is constantly at war,” said Miguel De Bruycker. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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