But for the fact that it was a beauty pageant, Naa Oyoe Quartey, Miss Malaika 2013?s talent hunt could have passed for any standard stand-up comedy show last Saturday during the finals at the National Theatre.

Her apt delivery of her talent show no doubt complimented her good looks and poise which ultimately won her the Miss Malaika crown.

And ever since, her phone has not stopped buzzing and surprisingly, they are not only calls to congratulate her, but one urging her to consider taking up stand-up comedy.

But the 19 year old former student of Wesley Girls? High Schools told Showbiz last Tuesday that she has no intention of taking comedy as a profession.

?Calls have come in for me to consider stand ?up comedy as a profession. I find that quite interesting because comedy is not my thing at all. I enjoy telling jokes to my friends when we meet but I don?t do that outside my ?girls girls? circle.

Infact, I have never considered it as a profession. I just entered the university where I am reading Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. I want to be an actuary.

?I guess many people were wowed with my talent display but truth be told, I was in a fix before the talent competition. I didn?t have an idea what to do. I later came up with the concept I did on the night. I wasn?t sure if it would work but it did and even beyond my expectation and won me the Best Talent on the night.

Her talent hunt was a comic TV news presentation which had patrons double up with laughter throughout its five minutes duration.

?My ?girls girls? movement also helped me with the concept. You know how young girls do our thing when we meet. We always want to have a good time. When my friends and I come together, these are some of the things we joke about and I aptly put that into practice.

?Although comedy is not my thing, I guess I am funny naturally. I enjoy sharing jokes with my girls. My friends enjoy being with me because I make them laugh. ?, she added.

Naa Oyoe?s Malaika journey started as a desire and long cherished dream to create awareness on cancer related diseases. She lost her mother to lung cancer some few years ago and her only wish at the time was to get a recognised platform to accomplish that desire.

?I have never believed in beauty pageants. For some reason I didn?t really have that much regards for them so I found it strange that when the Malaika advertisement began to run, I had a very strong urge to pick a form.

?I constantly rejected that ?small still voice? that spoke to me every day and night to take part in the competition.

?Though the urge was great, I resisted it but after a while I realised I could get that recognition and platform to set off my dream of establishing a Research on Cancer and Rehabilitation Centre for cancer patients.

?Now I feel fulfilled with my life because I believe that dream is on course. Malaika has provided me the right platform to start. My mummy will be happy wherever she is because it was a promise I made to her and I am happy it has started well. She died of cancer and till date, I don?t even know what caused it.

?I am purpose driven and believe that anything that happens is for a purpose. It is not just by accident that I am Miss Malaika but it is to create good opportunities for me to accomplish my long cherished dreams.

?Now, I have the platform and must take advantage of it. I feel more than fulfilled and glad to know that my family, friends and well-wishers are proud of my achievement? she said.

Touching on her victory last saturday, Naa said ?I just couldn?t believe it when I came on stage and saw almost all my family members and friends present to support me.

?Some of my mates back at Wesley Girls were also present and that boosted my confidence on the night. I knew I didn?t have the leisure to disappoint them so I put in my best and I am happy I made them proud?.

On her reign as a beauty queen, Naa said that she wants to positively impact the lives of the underprivileged and undertake a number of social projects like Ama Nettey, 2010 Miss Malaika who she admires greatly. .

Naa Oyoe, the second of four children hails from Asere, James Town in the Greater Accra region. She attended St Martins de Porres School and later Wesley Girls? High School.

She is currently a first year student at the University of Ghana.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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