Bieg award
Bieg award

The bank was also commended for its general banking and investment services in the Financial Services Provider category.

Bieg award
Bieg award

The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG) organised the event under the auspices of the Ministries of Trade and Industry; Finance and Economic Planning; and the Ghana Standards Authority, on the theme: “Nationalism, the key to social and economic development.”

Mr Mike Nyinaku, the Chief Executive Officer of Beige Capital, who was delighted about the award, noted that very soon some indigenous Ghanaian companies would outgrow their boundaries in Ghana and strongly represent the country on the global landscape.

He commended the EFG and its President, Mr Sam Ato Gaisie, for creating a worthy platform to promote Made in Ghana products and services.

Prior to the event, Mr Gaise said: “It is about seeking the pride of Ghanaian indigenous; 20 most celebrated high quality and competitive products and services to create awareness.

“Provide a boost to the business profile and reputation, increase the products’ credibility in international markets and build product loyalty to save the local manufacturing industries from collapse”.

He explained that the ‘Made in Ghana Awards’ process involved shortlisting the best celebrated products and services, which had exhibited excellence in terms of quality, manufacturing practices and standards over the years.

Ten of the outstanding products and services were inducted into the prestigious ‘Made in Ghana Hall of Fame,’ while another ten were selected for awards as ‘Made in Ghana Products and Services of the Year’ for their exceptional contributions to the development of the private sector in creating economic and social values.

Since inception in 2008, Beige Capital has seen consistent growth both in the size and scope of its operations, opening business offices in several parts of the country and employing about 700 people.



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