BEIGE Capital has established a Technology Centre in Accra, to accommodate the expansion of its IT Infrastructure.

The Centre will allow BEIGE Capital to be innovative, to create new solutions to cater to every need of the customer and to improve network availability to its Branches…The platform can accommodate about five (5) million customers with more room for upgrade.

Mr. Mike Nyinaku, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BEIGE Capital explaining why the bank has invested so much into technology said: “Although we know it is not usual to find a detached data centre in organizations, we took this step because of where we aim at reaching in the future…and that will require us to have a robust technology platform to provide support for services we will be engaging in.”

In an interview with the media about plans to see BEIGE Capital transformed into a Universal Bank, Mr. Nyinaku said: “We are taking it slowly and don’t want to rush into becoming a Universal Bank because we want to create something that will last…By the time our foundations are laid, we believe the Central Bank will find us credible enough for that status.

The CEO assured clients of an improved, superior and higher stability service after setting up the technology centre.

He further advised youth interested in entrepreneurship to dream realistically and devote themselves to their thoughts, adding that the results of their ventures would not appear in a day or few years, chances are that they will find opportunities, when they do not give up.

Mr. Samuel Okine, an Information Technology Auditor at Bank of Ghana (BoG) who graced the ceremony urged financial institutions who are not prioritizing the use of Information Technology in their operations to reconsider their decision because IT has become the backbone of finance in this contemporary age.

Mr. Okine said he had been to different countries that have data centres for their business and would personally put BEIGE’s data centre at eight on a scale of one to ten because it has amazing facilities.

The IT Auditor said, one amazing thing he found about the centre is the availability of redundant power supply…including generators and inventors that could supply power for over 24 hours, which is very necessary to withstand the inadequate power supply problem in the country currently.

He, however, advised BEIGE Capital to develop good maintenance culture so that this very useful setup will not collapse with time.

Mr. Alex Opoku, Head of Management Information System, BEIGE Capital said Technology has taken banking to a level, where it is at the convenience of customers and he believes that with the advent of this facility, delivery channels will be greatly enhanced eg., mobile and internet banking services, ATM extended functionality, money remittance services as well as improved turnaround time.

He said, “With this facility, we can promise our customers improved and superior banking services.”


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