An 83-year-old woman, Mrs. Nwanyiaro Orji of Nchoko Amiri autonomous community in Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State, has been stung dead by angry bees.
Family sources told that the woman was stung dead by the bees when she went to use the family?s pit latrine located outside the main house.
According to the sources, trouble started when all of a sudden, there was a loud sound, which people thought was that of a fallen ripe bread fruit (ukwa) from its tree nearby, without knowing that it was the beehive which had been built on top of the tree by the bees that fell.
It was gathered nobody in the house was aware that Mrs. Orji was dead, not until the bees started swarming around and stinging people that the woman?s step-son who was cooking in the kitchen to behold the old woman being mercilessly stung by the bees.
His attempt to drag the woman out from the hive, it was learnt, was met with more angry stings from the bees, causing the boy to run for dear life, while the woman was completely covered by the bees.
Her matter was made worse as nobody was allowed to come nearer to save her, as anyone who tried, received even more stings.
The village youths braved up to save the situation by rushing to buy insecticide from nearby shops and covered their bodies to be able to reach the woman and spread it.
They were said to have succeeded in killing and dispersing the bees before taking the woman to a nearby Chijindu Hospital where the doctor declared her dead the next day.


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