IBM aims to churn out experts in Aix professionals through IBM Advanced Technical Expert certification. IBM Advanced Technical Expert certification tests your ability to work with Aix. It checks your expertise in designing, installing, integrating, implementing, and supporting multiple varieties of AIX based solutions, including implementing and supporting attached Blade Center and IBM storage.

Who should go for IBM Advanced Technical Expert Examination?

Although this examination can be taken up anybody but those with at least three of experience in Power Systems and AIX functionally will fare better. Other prerequisite skills are

Understanding of business requirements and ability of Power Systems solutions with AIX to meet those requirements.Experience in designing, installing, integrating, implementing, and supporting multiple varieties of AIX based solutions,Application knowledge of technical areas like Virtualized environments, High Availability, and Storage management.

In short, this exam is ideally suited for the Business Partners and those who sell, design, implement, and provide services for Power Systems customers and those involved in working in virtualized and diverse computing environments

How to prepare for IBM Advanced Technical Expert Certification

IBM Advanced Technical Expert may seem a daunting task for many.

All though those who approach the exam are most likely to have the relevant experience still they have to prepare hard to get through the exam. This is because while working we tend to use only the portion that relevant to us and the whole product. But examination would deal from all aspect. So, working knowledge alone is not sufficient to clear the exam. This has to be supported by appropriate course material. This sought of course material could be obtained from the numerous training centers offers available. When you join these centers you get

· Training material is prepared by industry experts. These experts have knowledge of the demands of the certification and also the subject knowledge. Thus they put together their experience and expertise and develop training material which are high quality and technically accurate.

· These materials chapter by chapter study guide, practice tests ,tutorials, notes, articles for better understanding of the key concepts and tips to crack the exam

· At the end of practice tests, they provide specialized tools to help you analyze your performance. This will help you identify you strong areas and weak areas

· Training can be taken up as classroom or online too

· These materials are self sufficient and you don’t have do extra research

· They come with exam pass assurance else promise to return the entire training material fee.

Benefits of the IBM Advanced Technical Expert certification

· The rigorous practical and technical training involved in preparation of the exams, make the candidates very knowledgeable in the particular technology

· IBM Advanced Technical Expert certification logo will be seen with respect by anyone within or outside the industry. So certified professionals can command high salaries and snatch deals with ease.

· IBM Advanced Technical Expert Certification will give an extra edge for those in customer facing roles.

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