The? founder and the? leader? of? Unfailing? Grace? Chapel? International? Rev. B.K. Wadie? has? taken? a swipe? at Ghanaians? who use foul languages? in? public.

He has described such people as uncultured and people who needed to be mentored.

Speaking? in an interview? ? on the issue? of? the use foul? language? which? has? bedeviled? the country? in recent? times

Rev. B.K Wadie? pointed? out? that the practice? is? worrying? and therefore needs? to? be condemned? in? no uncertain? terms.

He? cited? the use? of? words? as stupid, fool, foolish? people,? criminals,? thieves, impotent? as? some of the foul? words? used in public.

According to? him? such people? cannot? enter? the kingdom of? heaven? so they must? be changed, stressing that people must also? respect politicians? because? they are our leaders who represent us? in parliament

He? said? pastors? who always? predict? the winner of election? must also be? very careful, ?they must? be allow?? by? God because everything? they do, they will give account one day.?

He? therefore? appealed to all? parent? and? all religious? bodies? in the? country?? to? pray? very hard, advising children? to eschew? immorality? because? the? end time? is? near.

He called on all to conduct themselves peacefully in December 7 elections.



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