Before you decide to buy a caravan, you need to be clear about a couple of things. The first is the type of caravan you would want to buy and the other is whether you would want a first hand or used one. Depending on what you decide, you will find that there are implications on your budget and therefore, it is advisable to be totally convinced about your final choice.

Now there is no doubt about the prudence and forethought of going ahead with buying a caravan in the first place. If you have surplus funds that you wish to deploy, then this represents a good investment option, particularly given the current situation when bank interest rates are not at their best.

We are also living in times when many of the UK residents are looking inwards and within this beautiful country to spend their holidays. Gone are the times when many of them used to take international packaged tours.

The high cost, sluggish economy and rather depressing scenario that has been prevailing over the past four years has meant that short as well as long vacations within the country has been seen to be a better option.

UK residents in each County are making full use of the static caravans to stay, cook and have a great time visiting the surrounding pristine locations and getting to know more about what UK has to offer. The holiday parks housing these static caravans have undergone such a massive change in terms of their infrastructure and facilities they offer within the park that you and your family need not even step outside of the park to indulge in relaxation activities unless you wish to sightsee.

So let us look at the options – you have the static as well as the touring caravans. The latter do not need much introduction as many of us have seen them on the roads in the form of campervans. I am sure you have been at the receiving end of being stuck behind one of them on the highway on a weekend. It is the static caravan that is parked within a holiday park at a spot and actually stays there before it is moved to any other spot that you should know more about.

These are caravans that come fully furnished and are well qualified to meet your ideal second home requirements. You have them in a variety of configurations and can choose one depending on your family size and needs. They are located within the holiday park and that means you as the owner get full access to all the facilities of the park along with other Owner related benefits.

The fact that you can cook your own food and have a relaxed time at the park and also visit the surrounding areas mean that you retain the flexibility of spending your holiday the way you want. When you buy a caravan like the static one, you can make any number of visits through the year and that is a great facility to have.

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